Basics of Diabetes

Overview of diabetes

Diabetes is a disease when it is likely to occur. When the amount of blood glucose in our body is not extracted from the blood or becomes high. When we consume different types of food, our body starts converting that food into glucose. Which flows in our blood. Blood glucose is also the main source of our energy. The main source of energy in our body is blood glucose which is obtained by the food we eat. Our pancreas extracts a special type of hormone. Which we know by the name of insulin. Which helps in converting our food into glucose and our cells to use it as energy.

The condition of diabetes in our body is created when our body is unable to make or use insulin in sufficient quantity. Blood glucose stays in our blood and is not available to the cells to use as energy. 

 There are mainly three types of diabetes, which is very easy to understand

  •  first type one
  •  second type 2
  •  description of gestational diabetes

Diabetes type one description

Whenever our body is suffering from type-1 diabetes then that case our body is not making insulin Would have been Our own immune system starts acting against us and attacks those pancreatic cells that make insulin. Our immune system works to destroy them. 

Type One is particularly diagnosed in children and young people. But it is also true that it can affect people of any age. People who have to face this type of diabetes. They need to take insulin daily to survive and live a healthy life.

Description of diabetes type two

Whenever our body suffers from type 2 diabetes, in that case, our body does not make insulin well and cannot use it. It is very worrying that it can be filled at any age, even in your childhood, but it is also true that this type of diabetes is found mostly in middle-aged people and older people. This is a common type of serious problem like diabetes.

Description of Gestational Diabetes

This type of diabetes problem develops especially in women during their pregnancy. But when the baby is born, this type of diabetes ends. If a woman is found to have this type of diabetes, then there is a possibility of having type 2 diabetes in the future. But the worrying thing is that when a woman is in this condition during pregnancy and has to face this type of diabetes then it is possible that she may also have symptoms of type two diabetes.

Problems like diabetes can affect our health.

Over time, blood glucose increases in our blood and affects many organs of our body.

  1. Eye problems,
  2. kidney problems,
  3. dental diseases
  4. Nerve damage,
  5. foot problems,
  6. stroke,
  7. heart disease,

 all the health-related problems mentioned above can develop and you can take an important step to reduce their chances. 

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