How To Lose weight

how to lose weight most common questions. Where obesity is a big health issue in the current age. People are becoming more and more obese due to various reasons. Many research studies have found that the main reasons are two fold: Eating fat rich foods and Life style. The human body has a metabolism rate that easily absorbs necessary food.

But load it with food having more fats, then the body is unable to process the food and the fat gets deposited in the tissues on the body. This leads to accumulation of fat and results in obesity.

In a fast paced life, eating is done without much of a choice.

The tendency is to grab an easy snack and a drink so that time is not wasted. Many of the off the shelf foods contain materials that are necessary to improve the shelf life of the food. This however harms the human body. Similarly lack of physical exercise is another reason for not losing fat. To lose fat fast, conscious effort is needed.

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First, do not go in for any of the Scams that offer instant results-only your wallet gets thinner, not your body. Next, consult a good physician and find out the reasons.

There could be some medical reasons like Thyroid problems, which could be the reason for your obesity. Having done this, organize your life neatly. To lose those extra pounds, decide on a tight exercise regimen. Exercising is best done in eth mornings. Wake up one more earlier than your usual time.

It may be difficult, initially. Once you are up, have a cup of steaming coffee (without sugar and cream, if possible) start with simple floor exercises that warm you up. If you have open space, go for a swift walk or jog.

After that do exercises that make you sweat the body will then burn away the fat? Relax for a few minutes after you exercise. Do not over do-you may land in trouble.

Once you start exercise, it is a good start. Now, concentrate on your food habits. Plan to have food at regular intervals only. Do not eat any junk food in between meals. Avoid all meat and diary products. Eat as much as fresh fruit and vegetables. Initially you may feel tired and worn out.

Have additional cups of plain water, as much as six times a day (of course this may mean more visits to the rest room).

Prepare a Menu with the above in mind and stick to that. Avoid regular late nights-instead start work early. Reduce the intake of alcohol.

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Once food is controlled, you will fell the difference very quick. Regulated fat free food and a strict exercise can bring down your fat level in 30 days. When attending parties/dinners, eat a little at home before you go this will help control overeating at the party.

You must not sleep on an empty stomach-it can cause ulcers. Do not fast –take some food at regular intervals. If you decide on fasting, do it in an organized manner-like have good food before and after the fast- food that will help you be energetic. Fruits contain almost all that are required by the human body –eat as much a fresh fruits. Include more and more fresh salads in your diet.

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