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What do you want to know about asthma?


 Asthma is a troublesome disease of the lungs airway. In this disease, it becomes difficult to breathe and due to this, some physical activities make it difficult. According to the report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is estimated that 27 million Americans have asthma. It has become a common condition among American children: one in every 12 children has asthma.

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 To know asthma, you need to know a little bit about what happens when we breathe.

Usually, with every breath we take, the air goes through your nose in your throat, your airways. In the end, it goes into the lungs where there are many small airways in your lungs, which helps in delivering oxygen present in the air to your blood.

Symptoms of asthma appear when your swelling swings in the lining of the airway and the muscles around it are tight. The mucus is filled in the airway, by which the passing goes further.

Asthma’s conditions occur when your chest becomes tight and tight, which is typical for asthma.

symptoms of asthma:

-Coughing especially during the night, or when laughing and coughing during exercise

– Feeling nervous while breathing, fine shouting and whistling sounds

-Feeling tightness in the chest

– Feeling of fatigue

-shortness of breath

 You can determine which of the symptoms you experience.

Not every person with asthma experiences special symptoms. If you feel that the symptoms you experienced can produce asthma-like conditions or may be signs of asthma, then make an appointment to show your doctor immediately.

The first sign of asthma that you are experiencing may be that it is not a real asthma attack. Ensure the early symptoms of asthma Instead of what you are experiencing.

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