What is Abortion

What is Abortion

Definition of abortion: Abortion is a process in which pregnancy is eliminated before embryo. Out of the mother’s womb who can live independently. An abortion can happen then. If abortion is done before 24 weeks of pregnancy, then it is called abortion. Pregnancy is deliberately terminated in abortion.

Abortion can be done in the first or second weeks of pregnancy. You can count the number of weeks of pregnancy from the first day of last menstruation. Abortion is done by two processes.

1. Abortion therapy

2. Surgical Procedure

The procedure your doctor recommends depends on how long the pregnancy is.

Abortions performed in the first trimester (or before the 12th week of pregnancy) are more secure than the abortion performed in the second trimester. Therefore, doctors do not recommend abortion in the second trimester, there is less chance that the pregnancy starts from 13 weeks. In the second trimester, abortion can be done by a special doctor. The experience of handling serious complications of medical care (for the infant’s congenital defects to maintain the health of such a mother) Most doctors are advised that abortion is not done after 23 weeks of pregnancy. In the third trimester, miscarriage (after 24 weeks) can be done if the fetus is severely distorted or the mother’s life is in danger.

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Abortion is a painful decision personally, which can have a long-lasting effect on you. This may be right when you are going to your own wishes but be careful about it before going through the abortion procedure and think carefully. It is good to consult your doctor, parents or any other trusted person before taking a diagnosis.


Abortion: – Abortion is a process that is not easy for women. This is done by a woman in her physical and mental manner, which can be bought by various types of medicines which can prove to be very dangerous for the health of the body. It is very important that a woman wants to have an abortion, she is all about it Keeps the information and takes the help of specialist doctors to deal with it. Important factors should be ensured for abortion. It is important that pregnancy is light and it should be done at the right time, it is very important to understand abortion in details to simplify complications, for this you have been guided below.

What facts should I know about abortion?

Abortion is a safe procedure, here is an important fact for you, different types of abortion. And what is hope in it?

Different types of abortion are: –

┬áThe drug abortion, also known as the “abortion pill”, when you take such medication, you have to meet the nurse to end an initial pregnancy abortion at a clinic in a health center by a trained physician. Abortion is both safe and effective in both ways.

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