Health Benefits Of Blackberry

Blackberry benefits are myriad and its healthy properties can be found in the fruit, leaves, and roots. While being known as potent antioxidants, these blackberry components are also rich in astringent properties.

The blackberry is a fruit of the Rosaceae family. These are perennial plants which have biennial stems coming from perennial roots.

The fruit typically grows on thorny bushes and trailing vines. It is actually a cluster of several smaller fruits, called drupelets. The drupelets are all attached to a receptacle, and this receptacle is the fibrous central core of the fruit. Each drupelet has a seed and remains centered around the core even after the blackberry fruit is picked.

The blackberry fruit is consumed fresh, frozen, and canned, and are typically made into jams, juices, syrups, desserts, and even wine.

The following are the health food nutrients found in blackberry fruit:

  • calcium
  • fiber
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • potassium
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin K

Meanwhile, the roots and leaves of the blackberry plant also offer a lot of health food nutrients. They are typically taken either as tea or tincture. The major constituencies of blackberry roots and leaves are the following:

  • tannins
  • gallic acid
  • starch
  • calcium oxalate
  • The following are the blackberry benefits that may be derived from eating this superfood:
  • Blackberry may help strengthen the immune system.
  • Blackberry may help prevent cancer.
  • Blackberry may help fight cardiovascular diseases.
  • Blackberry leaves and root may help fight against diarrhea and dysentery.
  • Blackberry leaves and root, when applied topically, may help cure sores and skin disorders.
  • Blackberry fruit, leaves and root may help alleviate mouth sores and infection.
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